Saturday, January 4, 2014

Middle Earth Recipes: Frodo's Scones

Perhaps the greatest threat to your post new year's health and fitness resolution?  Forget about the battle for Middle Earth (capitalized, of course), Sauron and the forces of evil scored a major victory in the battle of the bulge when this recipe was introduced.

It all started after I was shown the website "Middle Earth Recipes" found here at the following link:


I've never been a fan of the "scone" but if I'm honest, it's come up alot recently in conversation.  One of the gifts we received for Christmas from my good buddy Dave and family was a luxurious gift basket complete with all sorts of Anglophile goodies including some Crabtree & Evelyn deliciously bitter marmalade and white chocolate raspberry tea biscuits among other things.  That first got me thinking about scones so when I saw a recipe for "Frodo's Scones" on the "Middle Earth Recipes" website, I figured I'd give it a try.

I had most of the ingredients but I had to substitute a few (margarine for shortening, and cream for buttermilk...Mom if you're reading this - read no further!)

Everything went together easy enough and since we dont have a cutting board to roll out the dough on, I cut the dough in half and rolled it on a plate.  The kicker for these?  They don't go in the oven - you make them on a griddle so I used the small griddle we have after slicing these "starbucks" style into small triangles.  They cooked for 7 minutes on a side and came out like very dense, crispy on the outside biscuits.  Fresh off the stove, they go best with marmalade, apple butter, or, if you dare, regular butter.

I had mine with tea for extra effect.
Rolled out and cut into triangles.

I used butter to grease the griddle and might have put a little on both sides of the scones when flipping them.

Here's what you get afterwards.  I'm not sure how they keep, but these things are dangerously addictive right off the griddle.

Serve with apple butter and a mug of your favorite tea.