Thursday, July 4, 2013

Burgers! Happy 4th of July!

Hello everyone and Happy 4th of July to my American blogging friends.  In the USA today is a day of BBQs and parties.  Leonor is working her overtime period now so it was the little one and I all day today.  I grilled some sausage in the morning for breakfast and immediately grilled burgers after that.

I dont like to use the blog to pitch products or goods, but today I bought a box of "Bubba" burgers (I know..sounds appetizing huh?).  These are 1/3 pound burgers that are lightly seasoned and HUGE as in 1 fills you up and 2 is just asking for trouble.

The burgers are supposed to be placed right on the grill while frozen which is incredibly convenient.  Something else I like about them?  They're shaped like the state of Texas.  A neat little surprise I found out after opening the package.  The ingredients are supposed to be straightforward (beef) and to be honest they tasted that way.  Worth every penny of the 10 dollars it cost to buy a box.  I liked it so much I had one for lunch and we are having one for dinner!
Breakfast Sausage patties.

Bubba Burgers in all their glory!!  The suckers are HUGE!

Well I am certainly enjoying the holiday today and I sincerely hope everyone else is as well!

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